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What We Do

Cervical neck pain disc herniation
low back pain, burning, aching
Exercise, physioball, core training
Aquatic pool physical therapy
Pelvic Floor,PT, Grass valley
Pilates, Grass Valley,  P.T.
posture,Grass Valley, PT, manua

Our therapists bring combined over 70 years of clinical physical therapy experience, including, and not limited to our specialties in:

• Manual Therapy
• Ergonomic Education
Pelvic Floor Rehab            
• Vestibular Rehabilitation

• Neurological Rehabilitation

•  Back School    
•  Orthopedic Rehab
•  Sports Rehab

•  Pilates Training

•  Aquatic Training

PLEASE NOTE: As of 1/1/2018, we had to suspend our Aquatic Program due to the closure of the Nevada City South Yuba Club location. Our team is able to guide patients to transition into an independent aquatic program at the Bowman-Selinski pool in Nevada City, yet, cannot offer ongoing aquatic therapy. 

We are contracted with numerous insurance carriers to make our services accessible to you. For insurance and payment options, please look here.

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