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Our Mission

Fit for Life Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned collective,

serving the greater Nevada City and Grass Valley regions in California.


We are a dynamic outpatient clinic held by a team of upbeat, orthopedic physical therapists with specializations in Functional Manual Therapy,

Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation,

Pilates and Pelvic Health.


We provide skilled, one-on-one, patient-centered care,

with focus on education, injury prevention, and movement rehabilitation

in a fun and active environment.

We are inspired to enrich the human experience
by promoting accelerated rehabilitation and maximum movement efficiency.





"My doctor gave me the option between surgery or attempting pelvic rehabilitation first. With a combination of skill and intuition, Mags was able to work with me in preventing an unnecessary surgery. 
The team at Fit For Life are really like a family of professionals.  The vibe in the office is fantastic and upbeat.  I always found myself looking forward to my appointments rather than dreading them. 


—  Sheasa K., 36

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